1.2: Licenses

Besides the free and full version for non-commercial use only, there exists also a pro-version of Karamba3D for commercial use. The table below lists their main features.

Those parts of this manual that apply to the Full or Pro versions only, are marked with a 🔷 icon.

PRO, EDU & LAB licenses can be purchased from our website. Further information can be found on features & license agreement.

Activating Licenses

Licenses can be installed as:

  1. Cloud licenses: these require a Cloud Zoo account and allows you to use them from any device and/or share them with team members. Find out more on Cloud Zoo Licenses on McNeel.

  2. Network licenses (PRO or LAB users only): also known as LAN Zoo; keeps your licenses on your private LAN server and lets you share them among the Rhino users on your network. Find out more on LAN Licenses on McNeel.

Standalone licenses are now superceded but for Rhino5 users, please email us at license@karamba3d.com.

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