3.4.2: Material Selection

The “Material Selection”-component in the menu subsection “Material” lets you select a material by family, name or index from a given list of materials (see fig. or fig. Input the list of materials via the plug “Mat”. In case no list of materials is supplied, the material table that comes with Karamba3D is used.

The input-plug “Name|Ind” expects either the zero-based list index of the selected material or its name. The names of materials are not case sensitive. A “#” in a material name means that the rest of the line is a comment. “&” starts a regular expression – in that case material names are case sensitive.

For quick access materials may be selected via the drop down lists “Family” and “Name”, which unfold when clicking on the components “Select” bar. These two entries serve as additional criteria which act on the list of materials selected through the “Name|Ind” input.

The inputs “Elem|Id” and “Color” have the same meaning as in the “Material Properties”-component (see section 3.4.1). Any element identifiers already present in a material get overwritten by the values input via “Elem|Id”. Without a color supplied at input “Color” the original material color persists.

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