1.2.2: Network Licenses

Guide to running Karamba3D with a network license (PRO or LAB users only); also known as LAN Zoo. A network license can only be installed with the McNeel Zoo 6 (or 7) License network server (only for Rhino7, Rhino6 or Rhino5 64bit). Find out more on LAN Licenses on McNeel.

This guide is for network licenses generated on or after 18/05/2020. For instructions on installing network licenses received before, please refer to this guide.

If you are updating an existing network license, simply skip to the Upgrade section.

For IT Administrators, please proceed to the Remote Installation section.

Installation on Server End

1. Unblock License Package

Make sure you have Karamba3D installed and Zoo6 (or 7) License Administrator installed.

You will have received a license package upon purchasing the license. Make sure to unblock the license package before unpacking it. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer and go to Properties. If the file is blocked, there will be an option to ‘Unblock’ the file at the bottom of the Properties Window. You may need to adjust your Administrator or Security settings to be able to unblock the file.

2. Unzip License Package

Unzip the contents of the network license package. It should contain the following files:

  • ActivationKey.txt

  • Karamba3D_LicensePlugin_Zoo6.dll

  • README.txt

  • XXX_License.lic

3. Zoo Administrator

Open the Zoo Administrator. You will need administrator rights to perform this installation. The Zoo Administrator needs to be first stopped before installing the license. Make sure you do not have any existing Kamba3D licenses installed (If you are updating an existing license see below).

Click on the Stop Icon.

Remove Existing Licenses

If you are updating an existing network license.

Select the Karamba3D license from the list of network licenses. Click the Delete License Icon. Make sure all users are not currently using the license otherwise you will not be able to remove them.

4. Move License Files

Copy the "Karamba3D_LicensePlugin_Zoo6.dll" **into C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoo 6\Plugins folder. This can also be C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoo 6.0\Plugins folder.

5. Start Zoo Service

Start the Zoo Service in the Zoo Administrator. Click on the Start Icon.

6. Add License

Click on the Add Product Icon or select Add from the Edit Menu.

7. Enter License Key

A window will pop up where you can select "Karamba3D_ZooLicense" from the Product type. Enter your personal details for Registered owner and organisation. Both entries need to be filled in. The Product license code or CD key can be found in the ActivationKey.txt located in the ZIP package. This should be a 12 digit code. Click Add and the license should now be loaded.

If the "Karamba_ZooLicense" is not listed in the dropdown menu, close and reopen the Zoo Administrator and check if the file is located in the correct folder. Make sure the Zoo License Server is updated.

8. License Loaded

The license will be added and you will see the Karamba3D licenses in the list of Products.

9. Check License Status

Double click on the license to check the license status.

Installation on Client End (User)

After the license has been installed on the server, you need to install the license file for each user:

1. Run Rhino as Administrator

Right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’. You will need to have administrator rights on your computer.

2. Load Grasshopper

Type "Grasshopper" in the Command Line to load Grasshopper.

3. Locate License Component

Place (drag and drop) the "License"-component on the grasshopper canvas. This can be found in the Karamba3D tab.

4. Load License

Right click on the red “K” icon or the "License" label. Select "Load license file" from the menu.

5. Locate the License File

Locate the "XXX_License.lic" that you received in the license package. Click "Open" to load the license.

6. Load License

The license should be successfully copied. If the license does not load successfully, make sure that you have unblocked the files as well as opened Rhino as administrator.

7. Restart Rhino

Close Rhino and Grasshopper and open Rhino once more, this time in standard mode.

8. Fetch the license

Type "Karamba3DGetLicense" in the Command line

9. Load Zoo License

A window should pop up. Select "Use the Zoo".

10. Locate Zoo Server

Try to Detect the Zoo automatically. Often, you will need to enter the network name manually. Once the network has been found, click Continue.

11. License Loaded

The license will load from the zoo and the license information will be displayed in the Command Line.

12. Check License Status

Open Grasshopper and place the "License"-component onto the canvas and connect a panel to it. The panel displays the status and expiration of the license.

13. Automate License Load

The Karamba3D license can simply be loaded by typing "Karamba3DGetLicense" each time Rhino loads, but this process can be automated in the Tools/Options -> Rhino Options/General.

Type "Karamba3DGetLicense" into the Command Lists textbox. The license will then be automatically loaded upon opening Rhino.

Congratulations, the license has been successfully installed and you are free to use the full features of Karamba3D!

Make sure to run the "Karamba3DGetLicense" command before opening Grasshopper otherwise the license will not be activated.

Check License

Upon successful installation of the license you should be able to open example files which have more than 20 beam elements or 50 shell elements. Double check if the license and correct Karamba3D version are installed by opening this check definition.

Perform a remote installation of the Zoo network license

Installation on Server End

  1. On a test machine, install Karamba3D.

  2. Run Rhino and Karamba3D.

  3. When prompted for a Karamba3D license, enter the name of your Zoo server.

  4. Close Rhino.

  5. Open this folder in Explorer: %allusersprofile%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses

  6. In this folder you should see at least two .lic files. The '55500d41-3a41-4474-99b3-684032a4f4df.lic' file is for Rhino 6. The other ('06bb1e79-5456-47a1-ad6d-111118cd894b.lic') should be for Karamba3D. Note, the file name will make the Id of the Karamba3D plug-in (Tools > Options > Plug-ins)

  7. When using the Zoo, the license file is plain text and can be viewed from Notepad. It can also be copied from machine to machine.

Rhino 7 licenses are stored also in the Rhino 6 folder.

Installation on Client End

So in addition to pushing out the required registry key, required by the Rhino licensing system to find the Zoo, copy the Karamba3D license folder - with the file 'licensePRO.lic' in it - to each machine. This is typically C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Karamba\License

Open Rhino, use "Karamba3DGetLicense" to request a license, and when prompted, enter your server name or IP address.

Error Message: The product ID is not correct

Should you receive the following error message, check that the licensePRO.lic file has been properly installed, and that you are directing to the correct IP address.

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