A.2.2: Additional Information on Loads

Karamba3D expects all force-definitions to be in kilo Newton (kNkN). On earth the mass of100kg100kgcorresponds to a weight force of roughly 1kN1 kN. A more exact number would be 0.981kN0.981 kN but 1kN1 kN is normally accurate enough. Table A.2.3.1 contains the specific weight of some everyday materials. Rules of thumb numbers for loads can be found in table A.2.3.2. Do not take these values too literally. For example snow loads vary strongly depending on the geographical situation. Loads acting along lines or on a specified area can be approximated by point-loads. All you need to do is estimate the area or length of influence for each node and multiply it with the given load value. The Mesh-Load-component (see section 3.2.1) automates this task for surface loads.

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