3.5.12: Tension/Compression Eliminator 🔷

This component was programmed by Robert Vierlinger

The “Tension/Compression Eliminator”-component removes elements from a model based on the sign of their axial force.

These are the available input parameters:


Structure to be processed.


The removal of tensile or compressive elements works in an iterative fashion. The procedure stops either when no changes occur from one step to another or if the maximum number of iterations “MaxIter” is reached.


Indexes of the elements that may be removed in the course of the procedure. By default the whole structure is included.


You can specify a special load case to consider. The default is 0.


If “True”, then only members under compression will be kept. Otherwise only members under tension will survive. This value is “False” by default.

Elements selected for removal are assigned a negligible stiffness (i.e. a soft-kill approach is used).

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