3.6.5: Reaction Forces πŸ”·

The β€œReaction Forces”-component gives access to the reaction forces and moments at supports. It expects a model at its input-plug and returns via β€œRF” and β€œRM” a list containing reaction forces in kNkN and reaction moments in kNmkN m as three dimensional vectors. The input-plug β€œLCase” sets the load-case index for which the results shall be output. All support reactions are ordered in such a way that the indexes of the nodes they attach to form an ascending sequence. In case of locally oriented supports, reaction forces refer to the local coordinate system. β€œPos” returns the position of the supports in the same order as the results. β€œSumRF” and β€œSumRM” offer the possibility to check the resultant reaction moments and forces of each load-case.

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