Version 1.3.3

Known Bugs in Karamba3D 1.3.3

  • none at the moment

New in Karamba3D 1.3.3

  • There is now the possibility to use cloud-licenses in connection with Karamba3D

  • The following bugs of version 1.3.2 were fixed:

    • The cross section area of Australian CHS sections in the Karamba3D cross section library was up to 10% too small.

    • The 'sig-max' and 'sig-min' output of the Utilization-component for circular hollow cross sections were too large and too small respectively if the resultant bending moment is not acting in local y- or z-direction of the cross section.

    • For cross sections un-symmetric about the Y-axis the resistance moments Wely+ and Wely- were swapped. This led to wrong signs in the 'sig-max' and 'sig-min' output of the Utilization-component.

    • The calculation of the mass of shells with varying cross sections was wrong.

    • Strain- and temperature loads were ignored in the procedure of the 'Large Deformation Analysis'-component.

    • For beams with eccentricities wrong cross section forces resulted in case the local and global directions of eccentricity did not coincide.

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