4.1.3: Licensing

How do I know if my license has been installed correctly?

Place the Karamba3D "License"-component on the grasshopper canvas and connect it to a Panel component. The Panel should read out the details of the License.

Upon successful installation of the license you should be able to open example files which have more than 20 beam elements or 50 shell elements. Double check if the license and correct Karamba3D version are installed by opening this check definition.

Is it possible to change a standalone license if I replace my computer?

A standalone license entitles you to install Karamba3D on two machines. If you replace your computer, you need to send us an email with the machine.id file of your new computer so that we can update your license for you.

Is my license valid if I format my computer?

Even if you format your computer or upgrade the operating system the license should remain the same. This also applies for Windows installations using Bootcamp on a Mac. However if you are running Parallels on a Mac you might need to contact us to get your license updated.

I just updated my Karamba3D version and the license shows "trial".

If you update your Karamba3D version on your computer, the license is still valid. During the update process, the license file may be overwritten. If your license displays a trial license, you will need to reload the "license.lic"-file once again. See the guide to loading a standalone license.

I sent two machine.id files to you but only received one license file. Where is the second license file?

The license file can be used on multiple machines and is valid for all the machine.id files that were received.

Can I run Karamba3D with the Zoo Network Server if Rhino is not running with the Server?

Karamba3D does not require Rhino to be running with a Zoo License for it to run on the Zoo Server. However if Rhino is running on the Network Server, then Karamba3D needs to run from the same license server.

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