2.2.8: Retrieve Results


Karamba3D offers three components for visualizing a structural model (see fig.


sets the basic visualization properties like scaling factor of displacements, sizes of symbols, number of displayed load case, …


visualizes beams


visualizes shells

Each of these components contains submenus which can be expanded by clicking on the black caption bar. The numerical range of sliders can be set by double-clicking on their black knob. Visualization properties stick to the model and stay valid until they get overruled by another downstream visualization component.


Structural response properties can be used to inform the model and e.g. optimize it. Fig. shows some of the available options: nodal displacements (1), level of material utilization (2), resultant cross section forces (3) and reaction forces (4).

Disassembling a Structural Model

In order to modify a model or retrieve e.g. cross section types after cross section optimization, Karamba3D lets you disassemble models, elements, cross sections and materials. The components “Disassemble Model”, “Disassemble Element”, “Disassemble Cross Section” and “Disassemble Material” let you dissect a structural model in great detail.

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