3.3.8: Modify Cross Section 🔷

In Karamba3D cross section properties fall into four categories:

The meaning of the input-values in the menu sections "Deformation" and "Resistance" are given in the help-texts associated to each input-plug.

The “Modify Cross Section”-component allows to change these properties. Two operation modes exist for this component:

Flow through: When a Cross section is provided as input, the result on the left side is the same cross section by default. Only those properties get changed, for which values are supplied as input.

Agent: The cross sections which shall be modified can be selected via the “Elem-Ids”-input. It is possible to apply regular expressions. The resulting cross section agent is of type “Cross Section” and gets active when being plugged into an “Assemble”-component.

In case the height or thickness of a cross section is changed along with deformation- or resistance parameters, the evaluation proceeds from top to bottom: First, all parameters get updated according to the new cross section dimensions, these may then be overwritten by new values for deformation of resistance properties. The drop-down list at the bottom of the component allows to switch between beam- and shell-cross sections.

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